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Supervision & Consultation
Gaining perspective…

Supervision is a necessity for clinical licensure. While it can initially feel challenging having to report on clinical cases, the benefits of this collaboration are, in time, appreciated. Many of the LGPC supervisees who work with me in individual supervision also participate in group supervision. Both options earn licensure hours.

Consultation for clinicians sustains the clinical confidence and professional assurance that supervision supported prior to licensure. In the confidential space of individual and/or group meetings, you can exchange ideas, discuss concerns, and explore treatment approaches. Consultation provides continuing education credit needed to maintain licensure.

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Clinical Training Group
Discovering new terrain together...

This once-a-month case supervision/consultation group, co-facilitated by LGPC Supervisors approved in Maryland and DC, attends to the professional needs of mental health clinicians.

Participation in this group supports professional competence and skill development for practitioners at all levels. As group participants explore case material and clinical concerns with each other, they appreciate the opportunity to share perspectives and insights that support clinical confidence.  more

Since 2017, Ginger Sullivan and I have been training mental health providers. The following feedback received by group participants affirms our efforts.
This supervision group was an invaluable experience while navigating the challenges I encountered as a new therapist.
Fantastic networking opportunity! I continue to maintain relationships with other members from my supervision group—many of whom are now valuable referral sources.
My sincere gratitude goes to Trish and Ginger for their support and guidance. Thank you again, you both have made a difference!


Process Group for Psychotherapists
Witnessing the clinical gold among us…

The confidential space of a small group provides mental health providers an opportunity to deepen their clinical consciousness and resilience.

Our co-facilitated experiential process group attends to the heart and well-being of psychotherapists.

The shared lenses, of our different ways of knowing, nurture, enrich, and affirm members’ resourcefulness in their professional work and personal lives.

This once-a-month experiential process group, co-facilitated by LGPC Supervisors approved in Maryland and DC, expands professional awareness for mental health clinicians.

Since 2017, Ginger Sullivan and I have been co-leading this process group for psychotherapists.