Trauma Therapy
Reclaim yourself, at your own pace, and
shift from surviving to thriving …

Trauma limits one’s sense of well-being.

It can be brought on by either an immediate crisis or a series of emotional/physical injuries.

Symptoms can include emotional distress, baffling fatigue, unexplained feelings, as well as the absence of normal feelings.

Trauma therapy allows you to identify what you know and don’t know about unsettling disruptions in your life.


Group Psychotherapy
Grow with others in a shared journey…

Group psychotherapy provides a safe and confidential space for self-discovery.

As group members open up with each other, they are often surprised to discover they are not alone.

With this knowledge they create a learning laboratory where they can explore struggles and feelings, as well as patterns of thinking and behaving.

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Couples Group
Transform your relationship by moving toward...

Join with other couples to infuse your relationship with healthy connections.

Develop your emotional muscles for self-and-other awareness.

Explore how both healthy and faulty beliefs about intimacy might be at cross purposes.

Embrace gratitude by authentically sharing your feelings.