Individual Psychotherapy
Discover your inner light…

The ongoing need for secure and satisfying connections within oneself and with others is a universal condition. The belief that we ‘should’ keep difficult feelings concealed is sadly a behavior valued by many. Unacknowledged and unexpressed feelings can actually cause difficulties.

Gift yourself the safe and confidential space of Individual Psychotherapy. Step into this opportunity for growth. Develop a foundation of self-trust to support the changes you want and build secure connections with others.

Couples Therapy
Create a healthy relationship together...

When secure and ongoing relationships aren’t satisfying, for whatever reason, many cling to the belief that meaningful connections will materialize and magically satisfy our deepest yearnings.

When magic doesn’t occur, uncertainties awaken and amplify hidden sorrows. The pain is real and it supports opportunities for change.

Slow down with each other in Couples Therapy.

Discover strengths you bring to your relationship.

Experience deep and rewarding connections as you express love and respect for each other.