Growing with others in a shared journey…

Group psychotherapy offers a safe and confidential space for self-discovery. When group members risk opening up with each other, they are often surprised to discover they are not alone. With this knowledge they wholeheartedly create a learning laboratory where they can explore their struggles and feelings, as well as patterns of thinking and behaving.

My commitment, as a Certified Group Psychotherapist, is to facilitate secure connections in "here and now" moments of the group that will support emotional resilience. It is in these shared connections that group members begin to experience the power of effective communication.

Participation in once-a-week 100 minute sessions provides a chance for you to develop confidence in your personal and professional relationships. Consider joining my Women’s group on Mondays or the Mixed group on Tuesdays.

In addition to these groups for my individual clients, I also offer Couples Groups, as well as a clinician-focused Supervision Group and a Process Group for Therapists.

Involvement in a group promotes opportunities to connect with others about shared issues.