Maryland Licenses
Professional Counselor & Supervisor: #LC1080
Marriage and Family Therapist: #LCM131
Alcohol and Drug Counselor: # LCA112

Complementary Clinical Credentials
National Board Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor
National Board Certified Group Psychotherapist
Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association

As a licensed clinician, I provide individual therapy, couples, marriage/family therapy, and group psychotherapy. In my work with adults, I help them resolve personal, professional, and relationship issues. I support their personal resilience through positive psychology, relational psychotherapy, trauma treatment, addiction recovery, and mindfulness stress reduction.

The integration of my clinical skills and areas of specialty provide me a multifaceted lens for the treatment and management of emotional injury; anxiety; depression; relationship issues; addiction concerns; lingering impacts of childhood abuse and neglect; cancer treatment distress; PTSD; complicated grief; personal and professional life transitions; internalized and social homophobia; as well as the secondhand traumatization of caregivers and clinical providers.

As a Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association, a Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP); an Approved Clinical LGPC Supervisor; a seasoned Washington School of Psychiatry- educated group therapist and analytic supervisor, I have a passion for creating confidential group experiences for the advancement of clinical care and expertise.